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Have an anonymous one-on-one conversation with someone.

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Jordan Singer
Jordan SingerMaker@jsngr · I build my ideas.
We're excited to release an awesome update for Convoy that supports 5 platforms including SMS, Slack, Telegram, Hangouts and Kik. You can now have a one-on-one anonymous conversation that's cross-platform no matter where it gets started from. We've also added features like Passport, which lets you start a conversation with someone in a specific location, and Date, which matches you with others you're interested in to talk.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
What is the draw to having an anonymous conversation with someone? The example conversation on the landing page - I just cant imagine that actually happening Also being anonymous, unfortunately its still highly likely that there will be bullying, trolling etc
Hope Atina
Hope Atina@the_onlyhope ·
@bentossell back at it again with those critical questions
Jacob Hobbie
Jacob Hobbie@hobbiejacob · Software Developer/Philosopher
@bentossell As someone who used the original product, it was interesting to see where exactly it was popular. I met a few people from the Middle East, and someone from Italy. As a Kansan, it was really cool to reach out and learn more about places that I wasn't from. That's where my conversations on Convoy go anyway.
ShivMaker@shivkanthb · Make, break and ship.
@bentossell To answer your question, its the same attention draw for apps like Omegle, yik yak etc. Its a new way to meet new people too. And believe it or not, you really can get interesting conversations (like the one on the landing page). Here's a sample from version 1 - :)
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@shivkanthb yeh I understand that - but that seems like it could just be a novelty factor and not something built for longevity. I dont know why I'd bother drumming up a random convo. just my opinion.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@the_onlyhope would be useless for me to just say "cool" - I'm happy being the one asking the hard questions, especially if others dont want to. Its also just my opinion.
Hassan Abdulhamid
Hassan Abdulhamid@uxdzen · No headline but for classic folks
ShivMaker@shivkanthb · Make, break and ship.
@uxdzen haha. I believe we met on convoy last night 🙌
Joe d'Elia
Joe d'EliaHiring@joedeliame · Digital product maker
No one would talk to me 😫
Vlad Arbatov
Vlad Arbatov@vladzima · Engineering @ Mapbox
ShivMaker@shivkanthb · Make, break and ship.
As Jordan mentioned, We have 2 major updates. We now support Convoy on Telegram, Kik, Slack and even Google Hangouts. The cool part is the interoperability. Irrespective of the platform, you get connected to someone using convoy. The second update includes Passport & Date. Try them out :)