Anonymous one-on-one conversation with someone via text

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Giving this a try. Standby... UPDATE: this is fun πŸ˜€
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Hey guys! Convoy was an idea I came up with while thinking of what to build at a hackathon. I was so excited about it, I ended up building it right away. The concept is simple: all through a single number, (442) 242-6686, you can send messages to Convoy and it will start an anonymous conversation with someone else who has also messaged Convoy before. Commands include "start convoy", which starts a conversation with someone else who isn't currently in another conversation and "stop convoy" for when you're in a conversation and want to end it. Once you're in a conversation, you just send a message to the Convoy number, and it gets relayed to the other person you're in a conversation with via the Convoy number. Think of it as a single chat window, but you don't know who the other person is. No numbers are disclosed, nothing. You're just having a conversation through Convoy's number. I got the idea when attempting to use Twilio to make something. I was noticing the trend of anonymous apps and I thought why not take it to your native text messaging app where there is no signup, no download, just messaging. The great part is even when you're not thinking about it, a conversation can be started with you. It's a fun way to pass time if you're bored or just want to talk. Anyways, I hope you like it and I'd love your feedback!
@jsngr Dude Jordan. So cool. EDIT:
@karangoel Looking into it, sorry!
@jsngr I get a "something is wrong" message when I start a convo,
@anamitra say "stop convoy" and start one again.
@jsngr tried that a few times. Will start again tmrw. Congrats on the launch!
Anonymous invisble app 😎
I've tried the app about four times now, I get no responses. Really interesting idea, I guess my matches aren't feeling very chatty.
Had to look up Whisper, Secret and so on to see if this is much different, actually seems like it is. Congrats on the launch!