Create sharable, conversational content for Messenger


Ben Parr
@benparr · Co-founder and CMO, Octane AI
For the past few months, the 🔥Octane AI team has been working on a secret product: Convos. Today, we release Convos AND 🔥Octane AI to the pubilc! You can claim your account here: http://octaneai.com Convos are sharable, conversational stories that are as easy to write as blog posts. But they have the benefit of being interactive AND have the potential to … See more
Matt Schlicht
@mattprd · Creator of Chatbots Magazine
I love bots that tell me stories, have conversations with me, and teach me things. The only problem? There aren't a lot of bots like this. This is something we have been quietly focused on solving at Octane AI, and I'm am beyond excited to be able to tell you about our newest product. It's called "Convos", and you can go use it right. now. As of today, Oc… See more
Megan Berry
@meganberry · Head of Product at Octane AI
With more people on messaging platforms than social networks, bots are a huge opportunity and not just for creating amazing AI. We think bots present a great creative platform to write interactive stories and have amazing experiences with users. If you're looking to start a blog in 2017, we would like you to consider starting a bot instead. The core of the … See more
Josh Barkin
@joshbarkin · Co-founder @ Janis
@MattPRD Does this follow a Medium-style story telling format where the user always starts from the beginning of a story and can get updates as the story progresses, or does it follow a format similar to Quartz's app, where the user starts from the most recent entry (news style storytelling) ?
Erik Johnson
@erikinphoenix · Founder of HomeHawk
Excited to begin testing it out. When in Chrome and trying to add multiple images the popup window doesn't allow to scroll so I can't save the work being done. I love that it keeps records of questions the bot can't answer. Many platforms are missing this.