The hilarious card game about a not-so-funny presidency

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Hi everyone! I’m Dan, one of the makers of Conviction -- the new political satire card game. After the inauguration this year, it was clear that “President Trump” is real and so @Neil_Patel and I started working on this card game. We wanted to give people a way to have fun and blow off steam. Rather than profiting ourselves, we decided to donate proceeds to the charities that are becoming more and more in need as a result of Trump’s policies. Happy to hear your feedback or answer any questions!
@danpeterson @neil_patel This looks amazing. Your video was so well done and absolutely hysterical.
@kcolon23 @danpeterson Thanks! We're looking forward to shipping it!
Cool new card game coming from my friend Dan (we worked together at Google)! Conviction is a fun, easy-to-learn card game designed to make you laugh (especially if you're tired of crying everyday). It’s also great because the proceeds from the game will be going to charity!