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I use Convertloop for my E-commerce website www.tunaranja.co. Since we started segmenting our customers with their powerful segments tool and sending really targeted emails based on specific events and contact attributes our sales have increased by 20%. This is a better ROI than what we where getting by using Facebook and google ads. I am extremely happy wit… See more
Conrad Egusa
@conradegusa · Founder, Publicize
Great job Nayib and German! ConvertLoop looks awesome!
@anayib · Founder and CEO at ConvertLoop
When we started to use traditional marketing automation software to optimize our user's life cycles, we fell short on how to accurately segment them, we had contact duplications, and we were limited by pre-set automation rules that did not apply to our business needs. That is why we created ConvertLoop, to help product businesses optimize their user life c… See more
Camilo Jiménez
@camilo_jimenez · CTO @undertrail.com
I'm curious about the kind of workflows the app can automate and express using business rules. Do you plan working on some ML or AI algorithm to sort out some data analytics for growth hacking?
Felipe Garzón C
Awesome tool and very useful for our startup! Good job guys