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Convertify helps businesses create quick native apps using just a website URL. If you already have a responsive website, we wrap it and deliver your app in less than 24hrs so you can submit it to the Play Store and App Store.

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- Webdesign copied from:

- Logo copied from:

- Fake tweets on website


I don't know


Copied Webdesign & Logo

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I find your review very deconstructive and in detriment to our product given that you didn't even try to use our product. We are on very early stages and trying to improve our product based on feedback. The cons you mention have been sorted out. Of course you won't find any pros to our product, because you haven't tried or used it.
@zaphir_ and source code stolen from (I debugged the APK). Buyers can get into heavy legal trouble.
So to sum this up: 1. Website design completely ripped from 2. Logo was stolen (not your fault, but still). 3. Tweets are fake. 4. The service itself is at the very least against Apple's guidelines and possibly against the rules. Are you basically wrapping the site in a webview and calling it a day? How did this even get on the front page of Product Hunt?
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@justinscheetz Hello Justin, we are on very early stages and trying to improve our product based on feedback. The problems you mention have been sorted out. To say “Are you basically wrapping the site in a webview and calling it a day?” is an understatement of the problem we are trying to solve. That is not what we are doing, and if we were doing just that, what is the problem? Companies solve more mundane problems than this one and charge money for it. If businesses see value on solving the problem and paying for it, then yes we entrepreneurs call it a day. We have many happy customers and that assures me we are on the right path. I see comments like yours all day on PH. Just plain negativity without adding any value or constructive criticism. This product got in front of PH because many people find value on solving this problem. If this is a problem you don’t have or don’t feel worth solving, I would like to tell go on to the next product instead of spreading hate. Thank you very much.
@justinscheetz @lucasmaldonado Calling you out on stealing other people's work is not spreading hate.
@lucasmaldonado I do apologize if my comments came off as hateful, it certainly wasn't meant to be. Angry and annoyed, sure. Not hateful. Being a designer/developer myself who spends hours pixel pushing and (to my detriment sometimes) perfecting the final product, I found it incredibly offensive that the site design and logo were completely ripped. The end result is that the product you are trying to sell feels rushed and desperate. I mean fake tweets? There's no excuse for that. I'm glad you're working toward fixing those issues now and hopefully for the future, but my gut reaction is that you didn't care enough the first time to do your research. Again, my opinion and visceral reaction, nothing more. No hate here. 😉 I sincerely do hope your product grows and does well beyond this initial launch. Bouncing back from this is something we do right? Just put more time into knowing what assets you're using before it lands on the front page of something like Product Hunt. 😉 Anyway, best of luck!
@justinscheetz Thank you very much Justin, we do regret the mistakes and hope to continue growing the product. I appreciate your reply. Best of luck to you too!
@lucasmaldonado Now if you can build an app that converts a SaaS web app into a native app in like 5 seconds, that would be awesome. 😄 (I need to spend a good few months learning iOS development). Have a good one!
Apple has been against people making their websites into apps for years. In their App Store Review Guidelines (4.2 Minimum Functionality) it says... “Your app should include features, content, and UI that elevate it beyond a repackaged website. If your app is not particularly useful, unique, or “app-like,” it doesn’t belong on the App Store. If your App doesn't provide some sort of lasting entertainment value, or is just plain creepy, it may not be accepted.” I have had personal experience of Apple rejecting "apps" because it's just a website. How is your service getting around this? I thought there had to be some sort of native functionality also built into the app such as notifications (that's what I have had to do in the past)
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@helloromero Looking forward to the response.
@helloromero Hello Romero, That is right. Apple will not approve apps that not resemble a mobile User Experience. However, if you already have a solid responsive website or a PWA, Apple will approve it. We submitted an app made by ourselves with Convertify and it was approved by Apple. Please check it out here:
@lucasmaldonado Hi Lucas, it's possible for apps to get through that break rules, we see it all the time. iPhone hack apps, pornographic apps, firearms selling apps etc go on the app store all the time. If an app like this picks up some steam and begins to get popular apple will just remove it after the fact. To stay within their guidelines there has to be something native.
@helloromero @lucasmaldonado I can't try your app, I'm on Android. But even you web app is not optimized, I don't know what to expect from the "official" app...
@helloromero @fredogonzalezr I sent the iOS app because they were talking about the App Store. You can find the demo Android app on: I don't really know what you call the web app or "official app", or what you mean by not optimized. Our website, and demo apps work perfect. Perhaps you can contact us in spanish, we are from Argentina.
Looks like buymecoffee
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@samuel2dotun I just had a look - it's a carbon copy of even the CSS is the same lol
@samuel2dotun @helloromero Same theme/template maybe?
@samuel2dotun @markus_schuette Nah they just copied it lol
Hi @francomaldonado I'm not sure if you guys are aware, but your logo is stolen. It's a concept logo for a project of mine which I was considering using for another project. Take a look:
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Hi @andrshede, We have just spoken with Vadim Carazan, the designer of the logo. Apparently, they sold us a stolen fake version of the logo. We are deeply sorry about this. We have just changed the logo and sorted things out with Vadim. He understood and appreciated our fast solution.
No worries @francomaldonado! I'm sorry you guys were sold a stolen concept. That really sucks! 😕 I really appreciate that you were able to resolve it this quickly.
@francomaldonado @andrshede Now you only need to change the design for the page, which is also stolen. :D
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