ConvertCalculator 2.0

Create powerful, beautiful Calculator forms

ConvertCalculator is a versatile calculator builder. Like a form builder, but with calculations. It helps businesses grow sales, save time and it makes things simple.

Beautiful on any website, no coding skills required and yet very powerful. You can use it for price quoting, lead generation, SAAS pricing, savings, ROI or loans.

  • Leon Pals
    Leon PalsChairman Startup Foundation

    Very versatile and easy implementation, works great for running quantifiable tests!


    A bit overwhelming at first.

    I'm using this to test value propositions and market viability for some concepts and it's great at that. Technically you could build a food delivery platform including payments with it in a day.

    Leon Pals has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Powerful, fast, efficient, quick integrations & good support. Most importantly: it delivers on promise


    Learning curve

    The configurator allows total freedom in building your calculator, which comes with a slight learning curve. Once you've mastered it, you can build very sophisticated and powerful calculator forms. And even integrate quick checkout and payment.

    Support is excellent, so you will always build what you have in mind.

    And the product receives constant updates, so they're working hard on making the current experience smoother and adding additional features. I'm very excited about the product roadmap.

    All in all very solid product that delivers on promise.

    Bas Hennephof has used this product for one year.
Hi PH, One of the biggest (luxury) problems of having a successful business is that it's super time-consuming. You need to make price quotes, follow up leads or explain your pricing model, and you need to do it by hand. I made a tool with which you can build calculator forms to automate your sales processes. No coding skills required, it integrates with Zapier and you can add payments via Stripe. Think about price quotes, lead generation or SAAS pricing calculators. But also savings calculators, ROI calculators, and product configurators. Would love to hear your thoughts!
Great, I am using it to price our SaaS product. With this tool our users have the freedom to create their own offer without our pre-set range!
Apart from the stated use cases, I think this is an awesome tool to test value propositions, and to get insights into what the budget of a prospective customer is. This can help you in making sure you get to product market fit! FYI: Joris just added ConvertCalculator to Startup Deals, if you're looking for an extended trial, get it here:
Nice work Joris! I think this is going to be one of those products where Concierge setup will a huge win and should be really highlighted in the landing page + onboarding. Awesome work with the product though, looks solid.
This product has helped me increase customer conversion with 10%. Fun and easy to use. Highly recommended!