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Product Pearson
Product PearsonHunter@productpearson · Product Manager @ Property4Media
I'm part of the Google Top Contributor program and we use Conversocial Crowds to offer support to users on Twitter. It utilizes the #gHelp hashtag and uses algorithms to detect tweets that are a user in need of help with various Google products. I specialise in YouTube and so I filter it to show me YouTube related tweets from users only or users who use the #gHelp hashtag. It has the ability to auto split into multiple tweets if your answer to a question is fairly long. So you just type and it creates 2 or 3 tweets and applies 1/2 to the end. Similar to Stormcrow which hit the PH front page yesterday. Overall the tool is superbly clever and has been great for allowing us to volunteer our expertise on social media, where more users are now requesting help instead of taking the time to engage with the YouTube Help Forum. Conversocial Crowds of course has other clients apart from Google and I expect to see many more in the future.