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Hey Product Hunt Community,

I'm happy to launch Conversity 2.0, an awesome tool which helps you manage Facebook Messenger conversations.

Do you use Facebook Messenger for lead generation or customer service?

If you do, you should try Conversity!

At the core, Conversity helps in Managing, Routing & Distributing incoming Messenger chats to your internal team members. But there is a lot more.

Without taking too much time, let me just list down some features.

- Create custom interactive menus

- Route & distribute incoming chats to relevant teams

- Intelligently manage after-hour chats & stop losing precious leads.

- Easily integrates with popular CRM & LMS software

- Build Template Answers to send error free replies, really fast.

- Transfer Chat Bot conversations to your support team seamlessly.

- Real time language translation

- Notification & Alerts

- Reports & Audit tools

- Managers - view all active chats in real-time

- Setup takes under 10 minutes

- Android App for your "on-the-go" teams

...and lots more

I'll be around & happy to answer any questions you may have.

Pls share you feedback & help us improve.

Thanks a ton!

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Gaurav Sharma
@sandeep_periwal Congratulations on a great product launch. It is awesome, covering a great list of features, and the UI is simply amazing. Looking forward to a great app experience for me in using the product. :)
@gaurav_sharma11 Hey Gaurav. Thank you for your kind words. Glad you found Conversity good :) Looking forward to seeing you onboard!!
Gaurav Sharma
Andreas PavlenkoCo-Founder of Inspora 💪 🚀
Why not use a bot building platform like chatfuel and redirect to the different departments in your company?