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Kumar Thangudu@datarade · Technologist
Is this designed specifically for support chat or for users to chat with each other? If for users, what differentiates it from If for support chat, what differentiates it from the following? And all the other ones listed here.... I think the ideal way to separate yourselves from the competition is to make a HIPAA compliant easy chat API. Kind of like a HIPAA compliant Layer API.
Sandeep PeriwalMakerHiring@sandeep_periwal
@datarade Great question Kumar. is an awesome product specially designed for P2P engagement., olark, zopim are all great products for C2B engagement. What sets us apart is - All these are web based products - *also* working on mobile devices. Conversity is a native library for Android (& soon for iOS). How does it matter -- well, native apps have inherent access to resources which prevent us from making compromises when developing awesome features. We strongly believe when developing products, focus has to be on the UX. Tech limitations are passe. Regarding HIPPA, yes, its on our list. HIPPA is very specifically for the HealthCare industry. We have plans for other security certifications too. Stay tuned!
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
An In-App, Live Support Chat platform for native apps. No coding, debugging, adding features, testing etc. Just plugin & forget. Its easy to integrate (<10 min), UI is fully customizable, feature rich & offers persistent chatting (no more lost sessions).
Sandeep PeriwalMakerHiring@sandeep_periwal
@kwdinc Thanks Kevin for hunting us.
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
This looks awesome! Currently only available for Android, is that correct? Either way it's exciting! 🙌
Sandeep PeriwalMakerHiring@sandeep_periwal
@as_austin Thanks Austin. Yes, currently only Android version. iOS is under development. We're trying to release it by last week of March. Not too far :)
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
@sandeepperiwal Awesome! Glad to hear! 🙏
Sandeep PeriwalMakerHiring@sandeep_periwal
Hey Guys, I’m Sandeep, Co-Founder of Conversity. Conversity is a Live Chat (support chat) library for mobile apps. It has 3 components: A) Chat Library for Mobile Apps B) Web interface for support agents C) Core Engine which does chat routing & a whole lot of other complex stuff. Conversity is fully customizable (chat bubble colors, chat bubble text colors, department icons, auto department selection, chat window bg color etc) to make it look like a seamless extension of YOUR app. The UI is designed such that users DO NOT leave your app. Your app is never out of sight! Launch Conversity from any & every activity (screen) of your app. Hosted on AWS & Fully SSL secure. 2 User License is available free! It can be integrated in you app in <10 minutes. No more coding your own Chat app, debugging, adding features & maintaining servers. Now you can focus on your core application & we'll ensure you have the best customer engagement tool. We're just out of the oven and constantly improving. Your feedback and suggestions mean a lot, pls keep it coming - / Thanks for understanding and looking forward to making Conversity the best customer engagement tool. Cheers to that!
YORAM HARTH MD@acnetips · Board certified Dermatologist
Can it work with an automated algorithm ?
Sandeep PeriwalMakerHiring@sandeep_periwal
@acnetips Good question Yoram. A few weeks ago, a managing partner of a big VC firm asked me the same question. Yes, any good JS developer will be able to connect our system with their own AI robo. Automated algos are not inbuilt though. Moving forward, we'll develop some easy hooks to make this process faster -- "integrate in just a few minutes"