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ConversionXL Institute is an online research and training product for optimizers and data-driven marketers. ConversionXL Institute was build to solve 3 big problems data-driven marketers have: - How to get data on what tends to work better. - How to come up with better A/B testing ideas that win more often. - How to keep improving your skills - when you’re so busy. When you sign up, you can log in right away and get access to: - New original UX, web design and user behavior research studies conducted by our in-house research team. - Video courses with data-driven marketing experts on topics like conversion optimization, digital analytics, persuasion and psychology. - Actionable summaries of recent, relevant academic research studies. - Live Q&A or “office hours” sessions with experts. There are new studies and courses added on a weekly basis. AND you get full access to ConversionXL Conversion Optimization Course ($1,499 value). Here's a video:
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I don't think there's an organisation in the world that's put as much effort into raising the credibility of a discipline as much as ConversionXL has done for conversion optimization.
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@andrewallsop agree - though I am sceptical about the new way of commercializing the content now, after it has been free for years.
@andmitsch @andrewallsop the difference is that we're now conducting original research, working with the Academia and producing new video courses on a weekly basis. Employing research scientists, building a biometric research lab and conducting research is all expensive. Thats why it's a subscription.
@andmitsch @andrewallsop Seconding what @peeplaja said, actual research and expanding knowledge takes funding and resources. In the same way a University department seeks funding to break new ground, that's what's been done here. What's interesting is it's on a subscription model - that means 1. if it ain't good, the research funding will die off and 2. if it really is good, there will be *even* more funding (which should lead to even more cool things). I'd also hazard to guess it'll be a loss maker early (especially with the setup costs of building a biometric research lab, and per-experiment costs), so hats off for subsidising this with consulting revenue and otherwise. Also, ConversionXL's blog editorial policy holds a fine tradition of posting quality content that's grounded in data. I don't see that threatened, but rather put on steroids by an in-house research team and proprietary data and insights. Power to them is power to us for a low monthly subscription.
Hey guys! For the next 24 hours or so, you can get a 15% discount on either the monthly or annual subscription. We're exclusively offering this to the Product Hunt community, so just use the coupon code "producthunt" on the checkout page. P.S. Once you're in, come back and leave us some feedback so we can make ConversionXL Institute even better.
We worked really hard developing ConversionXL Institute - I hope you all like it. If anyone has feedback or ideas on how we can create more value with the product, don't hesitate to reach out.
Love what CXL are doing. They have serious love for the industry and care about CRO.
@almackin Thanks Al. We're definitely doing our best to bring meaningful, data-driven insights to a young industry.