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I think there's not enough focus on conversion, and I love to write so I created this checklist to make sure everything is covered that could help a site convert better. Is there anything I missed? What do you guys think of it?
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@vacord I've used it and I think it hits all the major points. Good work!!
@joisig Thanks, Jói! The minor points add up too with conversion :)
@vacord Awesome list! I'll use it in the future :) PS you should add Wisepops.com as an option for popups
@vacord Very cool. What did you built the page with?
@benkimotwichell I'll check out wisepops. Is that your project?
Solid idea, always good to have a checklist. I can see a lot of stuff I had not considered.
I'll go through all the items on the list to test how it affects our conversion rate. I'll keep you posted. Thanks! 🙂👍👍
@sarim_haq oh yeah, figure out a before and after conversion rate, that'd be a really interesting post to write up
@peeplaja - what are your thoughts on this?
Great list! I'll be using it soon, when I launch Conferify.com.