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Hey all! I've been doing conversion audits for companies large and small for a while. One of the things that has really helped me is a checklist that I go through item by item to make sure I didn't miss anything. While it is not original nor definitive by any measure, it does provide a good foundation to create your next website, landing page or sales page. I decided to create a Chrome extension (thanks to a very kind developer who helped me make it) mostly so I could pull up the checklist on the page itself and check off each item or leave it if it needed more work. Now it's free for everyone! I hope you find value in this as much as I do with every audit.
@cogentgene Love it. Storing the checklist items marked as "Done" uniquely for every domain is neat. Would be great if you could allow subpages in addition to landing page. Eg: Pricing, Referral, Help Center, Demo, Blog etc
@cogentgene I love this idea! I have a product I am building that I think will help this scale. Is there someone I can talk to about this some more?
@aravindh_kumar Thanks for the feedback! I will keep this in mind for future updates ;)
@mareddyjai Welcome to DM me on Twitter!
I have already identified a conversion improvement on a landing page I have in progress. Awesome!
@togru That's awesome!
Not just a checklist but a lesson in conversion! Bravo
@mefranco haha, thanks Frank! Let me know if there's anything I can do to make it better for you.
This will help me so much! Thank you for making it!
This is really awesome and will come in very handy to any maker! Love the design as well:)