Advanced Analytics for iOS In-app Subscriptions

Meet the all-new Control dashboard for Stripe, PayPal, Square and iTunes Connect. Control delivers advanced analytics for iOS In-app subscriptions. Transform your data into valuable insights.

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Hi Product Hunt! Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting Control again and everyone here for checking out our iTunes Connect integration and full redesign of our web app. I’m Kathryn. My team and I built Control with businesses like ours in mind, those who are accepting payments from multiple sources, such as Stripe, PayPal, iTunes or Google Play. Earlier this year, we started allowing our customers to pay for their subscription through iOS and Android in-app purchases and we were surprised at how popular it quickly became, both in our core markets and new markets. This is in part due to how frictionless the checkout process has become on smartphones and tablets thanks to solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay: customers around the world can pay right from their iOS or Android devices, with just their fingerprints. However, there are two challenges we noticed. 1) iTunes Connect and Google Play don’t necessarily offer the advanced subscription metrics we needed for determining product and marketing initiatives: monthly recurring revenue, customer lifetime value, average revenue per user, customer churn, etc. 2) We were spending a lot of time consolidating our revenue data from iOS, Android and Stripe (for our Web App) to get a complete picture of our revenue. Control now solves both these problems and allows you to see your key revenue data for Stripe, PayPal and iOS in-app subscriptions (Google Play support is coming soon), all in one dashboard, no matter how many accounts you have for each platform. If you are considering in-app subscriptions for your app, feel free to give it a go, it’s a great tool to leverage, especially since both Apple and Google are now taking a smaller share of your revenue after one year (15% instead of 30%). If you are already generating revenue from IOS in-app subscriptions (or Stripe and PayPal), check out our new dashboard, we’d love to hear your feedback. We now have a completely free plan so you can get valuable insights from your data at no cost. Additionally, I’d like to give all users that discovered Control through Product Hunt 1 month free for our Growth Plan. Sign up via the link above and we will send you a coupon.
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Kyle Richey
@kathryn_loewen1 Woo!! I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Pumped to try it out!