Stripe and PayPal analytics in the palm of your hand.

Jonathan Levi
  • Jonathan Levi
    Jonathan LeviFounder, SuperHuman Enterprises

    Great idea


    Doesn’t work half the time

    insanely expensive

    support is unresponsive lately

    Let’s ignore for a second that this company charges $75-130 for a simple app that adds up all of your payments across time periods and shows them on a graph (which is honestly robbery)... the app doesn’t work probably 30-40% of the time!!! All of their positive 5 star reviews on the App Store are from 3-4 years ago, when it did work. It’s since been bought out and changed entirely

    If you try to use this app, good luck. You’ll regularly get “N/A” on all of your charts... which are the only reason you’re paying for the stupid app in the first place.

    Because of this, they gave me 2 months free and 66% off going forward... and I STILL and cancelling and leaving this review, because I refuse to pay for an app that doesn’t work.

    Support is fairly useless, too. They used to answer promptly with common sense things like “log out and log in” or “give us a day” - now they just ignore your requests altogether.

    Have requested a refund and will contact AMEX if I don’t hear back promptly.

    Jonathan Levi has used this product for one year.
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Kathryn Loewen
Kathryn LoewenMaker@kathryn_loewen1
Hi everyone, Let me quickly introduce the latest Control app. Control is the only mobile and desktop app on the market that offers online business managers consolidated payment data from Stripe and PayPal. This means no more wasting time flipping between different dashboards and manually calculating revenue and other essential metrics. Control is also great for those who need payments data and an ability to take action anywhere they go. The mobile app is great for the frequent travellers who are tired of having to pull their laptop and find a place to plug in or those who simply want to rest easy knowing that potential fraud can be handled instantly, even in the middle of the night. If you are using Stripe and/or PayPal to manage your business, you'll want to try Control. I'd love to hear what you think about Control and how we can continue striving to give our users the upperhand in business. Will be around to answer any questions.
Rudray Namah
Rudray Namah@mathakoot · Tech Enthusiast
@kathryn_loewen finally on PH! 🙌
Serge Salager
Serge Salager@sergesalager · CEO, RetargetLinks
@GetControlApp is app I open in the morning... even before turning off my alarm clock ; - )
Nitesh Mishra
Nitesh Mishra@niteshmishra_ · Configure.IT - App Development Platform
Excellent. I want to thank you for this... :)
Napoleon Suarez
Napoleon Suarez@napoleonsuarez · Founder, Fishbox
Hi, Thanks for hunting this! I'm a Control user and a big fan of the product. I started a business that depends on the ability to charge a user as close to delivery as possible and this app does the trick. I'm rooting for Control, but I was curious about how the team would adjust if/when Stripe decides to offer payments within their iOS app. They're not in a rush to do so, but they add features to their app every so often and it's just a matter of time before they add payments. Does Control have a plan for this?
Kathryn Loewen
Kathryn LoewenMaker@kathryn_loewen1
@napoleonsuarez great question! Control's ability to accept payments is only a small part of our focus. We are really more interested in diving into the details of giving our customers meaningful payment analytics and timely alerts they can act on. Having said that, we have made some significant investments in ensuring our POS extension has all the security requirements in place for when regulation around EMV, PCI compliance etc is enforced. We are already prepared.
Kyle Richey
Kyle Richey@imakestrides · CEO,
Looks great, though I'd love to see App Store analytics with Stripe in one place. Something like AppFigures (barebones version of it, or even a client of its API) and this for Stripe would be amazing!
Kathryn Loewen
Kathryn LoewenMaker@kathryn_loewen1
@imakestrides Great feedback! Can I contact you directly for some input on your idea?
Kyle Richey
Kyle Richey@imakestrides · CEO,
@kathryn_loewen Sure, no problem! Feel free to reach out through Twitter or my website.