View and manage your Stripe transactions as they happen

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I am working with the Control team as they are part of our Invoke Labs collective, we were going to hold off outing this on PH for a while, but I guess the cat is out of the bag. Will see if I can get CEO Kathryn (@vancom1 ) & CTO Charles (@doublerebel) on to answer any questions. What I can tell you for now is that iOS is coming very soon, and that these apps are really a proof of concept for something big. Looking forward to hearing feedback from the PH community!
I've been running this on my phone for a few days, it's along the lines of what I was looking for and the Control team have been very responsive to feedback and questions. One of the benefits, being able to manage multiple accounts, as I imagine many PH'ers are like me and want to keep an eye on more than just one Stripe account. I got the hint from some questions they asked me that there was a bigger vision like what @phixx said, although not sure exactly what that is yet... definitely interested to learn more.
Honored to have our app submitted here on Product Hunt! Glad to answer any questions from the community, really excited to share this product and what's coming next!
Looks beautiful. I use Pay Pad ( on my iPhone at the moment, but I definitely want to check this out!
Thank you everyone for your support, we are honored to be featured within the Product Hunt community! We have some major features we are working on for Control based on the awesome feedback we have collected from our users (shout out to you @NathanSudds !). Our goal is to develop tools that will help our users to manage their online businesses better regardless of the device they are using. Some of these ideas include PayPal integration (in addition to Stripe) so managers can control their online business on the go- in one centralized app- irrespective of the payment options they provide to their own customer. We are also launching the first Paymill iOS management app for our European friends that use that payment platform. The @paymill development team has provided us great API support and we are excited to get this on the Apple app store this month. Another thing we have heard is that Stripe, Paymill and PayPal users want better reporting tools, so we are building out a web based app (working title = "Control Board" , let us know what you think!) to aggregate payment data from multiple sources and then allow Control users to generate reports on key metrics such as: - Week over Week, Month over Month, Year over Year, revenue - Geographic distribution of credit card usage - Drill down on decline reasons - What do you want to see ? We would love to hear feedback from the PH community what features they want in our Android and iOS apps as well as our Control Board analytics application. Hit us up on Twitter at @GetControlApp !