Watch movies from the characters POV in virtual reality.

Contraverse is cinematic virtual reality streaming platform that makes it extremely easy to watch narrative VR and experience what it would be like to be inside a movie.

With a growing content library, Contraverse is making immersive VR movies accessible to everyone by offering premium VR content across every VR headset and mobile phone.

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👋 Hey Hunters! I’m the founder of Contraverse and the director / producer of the 360-degree launch titles (Broken Mirror, Pawn and Contravision). ☝️This is my FIRST product launch EVER and I’m super excited to share this with you! ✌️🎉 📖 Story Contraverse came out of a childhood dream of mine. Imagine instead of just watching a movie on a screen, you could become part of it and experience what it’s like to be the character in the movie? Two years ago I embarked on this thesis and directed / produced THREE original virtual reality movies that put you in the perspective of the character in the movie. We have screened these movies in several international film festivals over the past year and we decided (as a company) that we want to find the best way to distribute this content globally. 🚀 Now We decided that we wanted to make distributing, discovering and (most importantly) WATCHING quality narrative VR movies extremely easy and accessible to everyone who owns a VR headset or mobile device. Initially, we are launching this platform with just our own 3 original movies, but we will soon be opening up the platform to make it easy for VR filmmakers from all over the world to distribute their content to a global audience. That’s why we made this app is available not just on every major VR headset but also on mobile devices (iOS and Android). This first version is extremely simple. You can: - Stream 360 videos or download them for offline viewing across all VR headsets and mobile devices. - Watch in VR mode (Google Cardboard) or full screen 360-degrees (if you don’t have a VR viewer) on your iPhone or Android phone. This is just the FIRST ITERATION of what will likely be a LONG journey towards a platform for a growing VR audience to watch amazing immersive narrative content from VR creators all around the world. We think that something like this is absolutely crucial for VR adoption to grow to a mainstream audience. ✍️ FEEDBACK: Take a look and let me know what you think! Since this is very simple, there are so many possibilities for new feature, ideas and improvements. If you have ideas or feedback, please add your ideas / improvements to our roadmap here: Have fun in VR 😎
@joshgonsalves congrats on the launch! How is this different... in execution perhaps? ... from FPS games (that maybe aren't about shooting)? Like Myst? I mean, I guess what I'm kind of suggesting is that some games are basically playable movies. Are these movies with "playable" perspectives or just alternative camera angles? Or is it more like a choose-your-own-adventure movie? Also, what's your take on Wolves in the Walls?
Hey @chrismessina great question! At the end of the day, the content on the platform is completely original and unique. Right now, they are completely passive / non-interactive "movies" that allow you to watch the story from the perspective of the character. As the director / editor, I cut multiple scenes and angels together to watch the story unfold from different perspectives. They are passive experiences where you choose where to look in the scene, but the cuts are predefined by our edits. They are just 360 videos. in the coming weeks we will be brainstorming some ideas for more interactive experiences like you described. I know exactly what you mean by "playable movies" and we want to take that idea to the next level! In terms of the platform itself, it's really just a hub for our production company and other VR filmmakers to distribute their content to a growing audience that is looking for this type of content or might be introduced to VR through this type of linear content.
Also, side-note, @rrhoover it would be awesome if Product Hunt 4.0 would add the Oculus store icons + meta data in the link just like the Apple / Google Play store links. ALSO, this is my first time posting here, but it would also be nice if I could rearrange the order of my screenshots / product photos 😃
Congrats @joshgonsalves , cant wait to see what this evolves into.
@zach_murray Thanks a lot man! There's so many possibilities from this point, we just need to nail down the big features and go from there! ...But really it's all about the content!