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If anyone is interested in the Lightroom presets on Contrastly, I just created a $40 discount code on the full bundle, just enter the code PH40 when you checkout with the Complete Post-Processing Bundle in your cart (will drop from $99 to $59).
Really love the shift to really helping photographers of all skills be better at what they love.
@blendahtom Thanks a lot Tom!
@jophillips talk a bit about how Contrastly has changed since you started it and where it is going.
@blendahtom Sure! It started mostly as a collaborative magazine/blog about photography (there was about 20-30 people writing on the site at one point), then it evolved into slightly more personal articles from a much smaller team of writers. Then the natural evolution was to include a store, which launched just a few days ago with already a bunch of Lightroom Presets. We plan on adding a ton more products on there in the coming weeks/months, as well as a mobile app (more details on this later, still fleshing out some of the details). Hopefully the site can help people get better at photography and editing their images!
The design is simply gorgeous. Fantastic job! Got a Dribbble portfolio, Jon? :)
@scorpiono Thank you. I think I have a Dribbble account somewhere, but haven't used it in quite a while ;)