Contrast Safe

Small macOS menu bar app to check your colors against WCAG

A simple macOS menu bar app, that allows you to check the contrast ratio between 2 colors and validate it against the WCAG standard.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
I have been looking for a tool to help me check the contrast ratio of the colors I use, against the WCAG standard, but none of the available ones satisfied my needs, so I created my one. This is my first macOS App. I made sure to keep the size small, so it takes only ~4mb. I am planning to add more features, so let me know if you have any ideas. The app is 60% off until 8th of May, but if anyone is interested I have 10 promotional codes to give to Product Hunt users, so please leave a comment if you want one.
@rzvme Hi, Thank you for this app! Could I have one? Many thanks.
@sunnyheart Hi, sent you the code in a private message. Let me know if you have any feedback :)
@rzvme Do you have any more promotional codes? Thanks!
@_derek_mei Hi, sent you a code in private. Let me know if you have any feedback
@rzvme Any promotional codes left? I've been using Contrast app which has developed a colour profile bug. Would love to try your app out.

I am using it daily when I create images with text a on them


I love the minimal look and the fact that it features a text preview section


Some features that would allow previewing how people with viewing disabilities would see the text

Nice app, good work! @rzvme
Hello, could I take one? Thank you so much.
@yhc Hi, sent you a code in a private message. Let me know if you have any feedback :)

I love how handy this app is, - It is like a toolkit available for you no matter what app you are using when desiging - and the fact that it is simply designed for a sole purpose, makes it a great companion for a digital designer


Simple, highly Effective and doesn't break your bank account.


Some room for improvement on feature offerings