A macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios

Contrast is a macOS app for designers and developers that provides quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios.

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We had a really good time making this. It's a simple app, but we tried to polish it for you 😬 Here's a few of my favorite power user features & shortcuts: β€’ Drag the popover off the menu bar to move it closer to your designs πŸ‘‹ β€’ Shift-click in the loupe to pick a color and automatically open the next loupe ✨ β€’ Option-click in the loupe to pick a color and copy the hex code to your clipboard πŸ“‹ β€’ Option-shift-click to do both 😎 β€’ Show Package Contents and look in Shared Support for a command line tool version πŸ€“ β€’ Press up and down in a text field to change brightness value (hold shift to change quicker) ↕️
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@soffes This looks very promising. I use ColorZilla on chrome but this goes further than just picking a color from a web page. Can't tell you how many times I've needed something like this! I'll be trying it out for sure.
@matsilva Great! Let me know what you think!
@soffes I just bought this utility, and it's great. Just wanted to know is there a way it show negative values/score that can help us to update both background and foreground colors accordingly?
@soffes sorrry! I got the fail values while testing. Probably, the FAIL text should be in Red color.
@abinashmohanty we've had a few requests for this lately. We'll consider it
Howdy! This is the tool that I've always wanted ever since I learned about and began integrating color contrast accessibility as part of my design process. It's easy to make the mistake of designing with really light text and not enough contrast, a mistake I made in a lot of my early career. And while there are lots of online tools that provide this same functionality, I always found it cumbersome to copy and paste hex codes over and over into the browser. This little app is lightening fast and you can use in tandem with your design tool of choice without ever having to go online. Hope you enjoy designing with it as much as I have!
@mds site doesnt work
@jordanslon it's been going down and back up again this morning. reached out to zeit but no word yet... 😰
Nice job guys! Super useful and really well made. Great polish.
@charliedeets Thanks, Charlie
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This is fantastic - thanks for it! Easy purchase.
@jorgealeds Great to hear, Jorge!
I always find something inspire me from everything you do ,and ur products too