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Why is it worth $95/mo, rather than just making a Legal asana team with similar rules for what dates & titles signify in that team?
Nice idea, and there's definitely a need to keep contracts tidy somewhere in an organization. About the pricing it seems expensive, but perhaps is that's the strategy.
Thanks everyone for commenting! From our experience in the contract management space we've seen first hand the needs of mid-market companies. As far as pricing, there is a ton of exposure when not properly managing contracts. We've seen situations where organizations have lost millions when trying to manage contracts manually and missing renewal dates, not taking advantage of savings as part of a contract's terms, a failure to track spend against contracts, etc. Pricing for popular solutions in the enterprise and even mid-market space start anywhere from $30k-$50k per year. We're excited to continue pushing the envelope in how companies manage contracts and leverage data from these documents. Thanks again for checking out Contract Hound and let me know if you have any questions!
Pricing is crazy (sorry) - we are currently doing due-diligence on CLM and this pricing structure is close to enterprise pricing and it's not an established product either.