Create beautiful wireframes and prototypes with the help of this UI Kit. It contains a high-quality collection of 150+ components and 50+ mobile screens. Available for Figma, Sketch, XD and Studio
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Hello, hunters and makers 👋 ! Today I’m releasing my latest product – Contra Wireframe Kit⚡️. It’s a huge library of 150+ mobile components, that are fully customisable. 😻A wireframe cannot be boring anymore Contra was started just for fun to publish some shot on Dribbble. After designing some screens, I thought why don’t create something that will helps others to create beautiful wireframe easily. So, here it is. 🚀Features: This UI kit took me around 3 weeks of work to build and optimise for all platform. The entire set of components are organised and layers and easily customisable. Also, it contains more than 50+ ready to use screen-based on common patters. ❤️It's Free! The library is under license CC0. This means it's Free for Commercial and Personal Use: no need to credit, license, or anything. 🛠Available in Sketch, Studio, Figma, and XD 🙏🏻Thank you Pablo for 😀If you have any feedback and request
@realvjy Thank you for your hard-work!
@realvjy man, loved the design style, congratulations ! keep the good work !
Everyone else: "Work from home is so boring" Vijay: "Introducing a new open source wireframe kit for design" ✨😌♥️✨😌♥️✨😌♥️✨ This man is a genius. Contra looks beautiful!!
@_aakarshna Thank You AK 🙏🏻
@_aakarshna When you join PH after being a regular YouTube user 😄 😅
Congrats on yet another launch, Vijay. Any particular reason why you added colour to the wireframes as it could be misleading for clients at times?
@weirdowizard Thanks. It's good to have a simple colour for wireframe but, I thought there is not any problem to add colours for different features of the product while designing wireframe. Secondly, I love the colours and decided to experiment with it.
Clean UI Kit.. contains everything you need to design an App 🤩
@kashish_mehta1 Thank you Kashish
This is amazing!