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Brian Okken
Brian OkkenHunter@brianokken · Software Engineer, PythonTesting.net
Josh is a co-founder and Chief Post-It Officer at Travis CI. But be sure to listen to the last 5 minutes. I’ve got some bonus audio that didn’t quite fit into the rest of the interview that I tacked on at the end. Topics: What is Continuous Integration, CI What is Travis CI Some history of the company travis-ci.org vs travis-ci.com and merging the two Enterprise and the importance of security Feature questions Travis vs Jenkins Travis notification through Slack Reporting history of Travis results Dealing with pytest results status other than pass/fail Capturing std out and stderr logging from tests Build artifacts Tox and Travis Using Selenium What does a Chief Post-It Officer do Differentiation between Travis and other CI options Using Slack to keep remote teams communicating well Travis team Funding open source projects Travis Foundation Rails Girls Summer of Code Open source grants Mustaches and beards Shite shirts New Zealand What does Team Periwinkle do and more