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Receive a handwritten quote

Thanks guys! A bit of background - I started "continue the thread" a few months ago, sending a handful of quotes to a few people I care about before opening it up to anyone interested in participating. I have an obsession with quotes and have been collecting them on fragments of paper since I can remember. I also think that receiving a piece of mail can be magical experience. But the part that excites me the most about this project is seeing what people say in "other relevant details" when they sign up to receive a quote and, upon receiving it, continue the thread to someone they love. People have been sharing stories of searching for love (themselves and others), struggling with disability, illness, divorce, and finding a higher purpose in their work. It's amazing to see people open up when given the platform to do so.
@asergeeva what an amazing idea with really cool built in virality :) #quotesareawesome
This is a super interesting piece of an art project by @asergeeva - I saw her beginning the process a few months back and the notes are beautiful! What do you get: A carefully chosen, handwritten quote. The quote is written on heavyweight archival paper with a nib dipped in a pot of Japanese ink. The envelope is sealed with red wax hand-poured in Scotland and a custom made 3D printed “5” stamp. This large envelope unwraps like a present, and inside also rests a small return card and stamped envelope to nominate someone you love to receive the next quote. 😍😍😍
@jsneedles OMG thank you for sharing, this is amazing + beautiful beyond words. 😻🙌
I love this!!
Interesting. Just signed up!
UPDATE: Just got mine! Thanks, @asergeeva. 😄
It's free which is simultaneously awesome and insane. Got mine a few weeks ago - definitely frame-worthy. Feels cool to be able to pass the experience along to another person as well. OG social mobile local with promising k-factor fur shur.