Convert more website visitors to customers by responding automatically.

Use our drag and drop editor to set up automatic responses (or even a full conversation) to ensure you never miss a lead or help enquiry.

When leads arrive we'll send you an email, calendar invite or Slack notification with a rich profile to help you close the sale.

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Paul from Continually here. We're a small team and are super excited to be sharing our story with the Product Hunt community today :) Our goal is to help you convert more website visitors to customers, by making it easier and quicker for them to get what they're looking for. Talking to people over live chat is cool, and we know there are some great tools out there to do that. The challenge we see is that not everyone is able to respond in real-time. And as a user, I find it really frustrating when there's no-one there to reply or it takes forever to get an answer. So we're building Continually for a future where automation is something that every sales and marketing team can use. Things that Continually is great at: 🕑 answering questions out of hours or across timezones 📅 helping visitors schedule meetings and book appointments 🤔 discovering what your visitors are really interested in 👀 sharing images, videos, gifs and other content when visitors engage We'd LOVE to hear your feedback especially what you think we could do better.
@tcodinat thanks, Toni! Being able to help people even when you're not there was a big part of what lead us to building Continually :)

We've had Continually on our site for a few weeks now. It was super quick to set up. Links to my Google calendar and we've had some great discussions with potential parades for Pilcro as a result.


very quick set up, customizable conversations, links to google calendar.


If you have the budget for a team to monitor a chat widget then might not be for you

Congrats everyone! Looks like a really interesting and simple approach. Best of luck!
@paddydonnelly 🙏 really appreciate the feedback and the support.

I have used Continually for a couple of months now and it has really helped me to generate more sales. I love the feeling of checking my emails in the morning and have a meeting booked in my diary from a website visitor the night before. Having a software interact with website visitors on any time zone has helped me to save money on software and increase sales. Still finding out the best flows to build, but so much possibility in what the software can do to enhance my site.


Helps to convert website visitors when you are not online, get more meetings booked in, makes site more interactive


zapier integration

I was using Drift for live chat, Calendly for booking meetings and Typeform surveys to ask my leads qualifying questions. Continually helps me do all three in one tool.

Here’s how it works on my site →

Continually doesn’t do live chat, but for me — this as a feature, not a bug. I personally didn't have the capacity to respond to people in a timely manner. By the time I would reply, they’d be gone.


Super easy set up. Calendar integration. The automation frees me up to do other things.


None so far!