ContextSmith Free Email Tracker

Know when and where your emails are read

Know when and where your emails are open after you click "Send". Get profile picture and social media profiles of your contacts directly from your Gmail.


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  • Pros: 

    Really easy to use and doesn’t get in your way (sidebar collapses if not used). Free is great - others charge for the same service


    Maybe in the paid plan, I’d love to see some more features like scheduling emails.

    Overall a must-have tool if you’re in your inbox all day long.

    Michael Krilivsky has used this product for one week.


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Will CheungMaker@wcheung · Entrepreneur, technology junkie
Hello Product Hunters! Thanks for visiting. I used to work in Sales, and my company usually paid for Email Tracking and Contact Profile tools. These email features are now an indispensable part of my daily workflow. Now that I started my own company, I wanted my whole team to have this superpower - not just sales, but all customer-facing teams. However, paying for everyone starts getting expensive. So we built one for ourselves instead and decided to let the world have it as well, for free. As I'm writing this, we've only released it for a few days. So I'd love it if anyone can give us some feedback about what you like or what could be better. If you love it, give us a shoutout here or on Twitter @contextsmith (and don't forget to invite your friends :)). A few key features, all for free: * Know when your emails are opened, where and on what device * Know who you're talking to with profile picture, job title, and social links * Track contact engagement * Track emails that haven't been opened * Only works for Gmail at the moment We hope you enjoy it!
Faisal Hassan@faisal_hassanx
@wcheung I've been using Mailtrack for almost 2 years now. How is your product different?
Will CheungMaker@wcheung · Entrepreneur, technology junkie
@faisal_hassanx Thanks checking us out! One major difference is that we find your email senders' profiles (photo, title, social links) and display them on a sidebar. Besides that and user interface, we're pretty similar. I don't know if Mailtrack has info on email open device (iPhone, Mac, etc) and location (estimated), but we can find those info, we will display them. It's good to figure out the people we email are traveling or not. Our free version doesn't require you to have a stamped signature :) We're working on a few other features and would love your thoughts on what you'd like to see next!
Arjun R Pillai@rarjunpillai · Entrepreneur, Data@FullContact
@contextsmith @wcheung Does it work with Google Inbox?
Will CheungMaker@wcheung · Entrepreneur, technology junkie
@rarjunpillai Sorry, not right now.
Niffx@niffx · Head of Marketing, Autonomous
@wcheung @faisal_hassanx a big difference is that it doesn't automatically add in branding to all of your email sends like Mailtrack does. Big win for those that don't want to spend the $ on the software.
Robert Melkonyan@melkonyanrob · Co Founder - Profunders Club
Just added to my chrome. Pluses 1. Minimalistic design 2. Uses your mailing style, no need to open extension for that. 3. Fast response with notifications. The only minus (maybe not), it wasn't showing the device when I'm using it. Just says that the message opened. Hope you can help me to figure out this. Conclusion. Good job :)
Hashif Palapetty@hashif · Co-Founder Infiyo | Maker of
All the best Will Cheung!!!
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
How's it different?
Will CheungMaker@wcheung · Entrepreneur, technology junkie
@ayush_chandra One major difference between us an other email trackers is that we find your email contacts' profiles (photo, title, social links) and display them on a sidebar. It gives you more context about who you're emailing (great for sales and customer-facing teams). And it's free unlimited tracking :) Hope this helps!
Sartaj Anand@sartajanand · Founder, egomonk
Neat product but can't handle multiple accounts and keeps requiring me to log in and out for tracking. This is a dealbreaker for me. Would suggest you fix this ASAP :) More power to you guys!
Fabio Araujo@faraujoj · CEO,
@sartajanand Tha same here. Congrats @wcheung nice product equal.
Will CheungMaker@wcheung · Entrepreneur, technology junkie
@sartajanand @faraujoj Ah, thanks for the feedback. We actually deliberately separate the email accounts so you don't have mix tracking feed between multiple emails (personal vs work). Sounds like you have multiple (work?) accounts that you don't mind mixing up the emails?
Sartaj Anand@sartajanand · Founder, egomonk
@faraujoj @wcheung I'm usually logged into 2 accounts (private and work) which are both hosted on google apps so it doesn't seamlessly track in the CS sidebar and keeps telling me to log in and out for the appropriate account.
Will CheungMaker@wcheung · Entrepreneur, technology junkie
@faraujoj @sartajanand Thanks. Our CTO made a suggestion for a workaround, and it is to install (yet another) Chrome extension that separates the sessions, so you don't have to keep logging out. That said, we will definitely take your feedback into consideration. Thanks again!
Fabio Araujo@faraujoj · CEO,
@wcheung Great! Thanks, testing arround