Context Matters

Podcast on intersection of business, technology & culture

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Hosted by my friends @chrissaad and @briansolis, first episode is out now: Uber PR, Microsoft HoloLens and "Women Shouldn't Code"
@briansolis @chrismessina thanks for hunting man - you're a rockstar :)
Absolutely love it!. I love contextual references that touch the whole ecosystem of a business or of an idea.
@bramk Thank you!
Congrats on the launch, @chrissaad!
going to download an episode an check it out. Love the description so far. Seems in line with exponent (which I <3 )
@preetnation Let me know what you think when you hear it :)
@chrissaad where would you like me to send thoughts? Listened to it yesterday while enjoying rain traffic
@preetnation Feedback in any form in any venue is welcome. Here, or on the website (in the comments on the episode or via the contact form)