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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 21, 2015
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I used ContextIO during my Full-Stack web-development capstone. I was able to create a relatively full-featured webmail client in a little over 4weeks. It took a little bit of support from their Dev Evangelist Tony Blank, but he was always there to answer questions when I was being stupid. Great team and great set of API's. We're evaluating building a mobile email client with the classifier built into it right now and using their API's to do it as it will save a ton of work.
@cluelessmuppet Hello again Kevin! Great to see you on here! Let me know if you want to chat about your new project!
I think there is so much more that can be done with email. Tell me again what proportion of the population have or have ever had an email account? Looks like this just needs to be mixed with a handful of open-minded entrepreneurs to create some very exciting applications...
@dotcomdude Email is the first social network, everyone uses it - It's a great time to innovate on it!
@dotcomdude I am a bit skeptical of email innovation. There have been a ton of attempts at "killing email" that haven't worked. But it can definitely be improved on. I think Google Inbox - which has managed to rid me of the fear of archiving - has really made a huge leap forward in that area.
Awesome. Added to my API collection:
@anujadhiya That's a great list of APIs - I'm gonna share it with all my API buddies ;)
@thetonyblank Glad you found it useful - Cheers!
This is a brilliant product. We've been trialling it. Makes integrating with Gmail so much easier.
@gregormckelvie Thanks Gregor! How's it going? Hard to believe it's been nearly a year since we first chatted :)
@thetonyblank Yeh it's on the list year to full implement. Done some back end work to make it easier. Now just trying to figure out the key features the customers want to have around email integration. Got a lot planned for this year. This is one of them for later in the year.
@gregormckelvie Brilliant, sounds exciting! We're here to help! I will also make it to London again this year at some point. We should beer.
Hello all - Tony here, developer evangelist for Context.IO. More than happy to answer any questions about Context.IO! I appreciate the upvotes! Thanks :)