Beautiful inspirational cards for posting in Instagram

Instagram-ready images with inspirational quotes.
1. Choose pack size (available packs of 30/90/360 images)
2. Add your branding text and it will appear at the bottom of the images
3. Get unique set of inspirational quotes on beautiful royaly free backgrounds
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Hi Community, Alex here! My office job makes me to dig into enterprise projects while I was always interested to work on my own small yet encouraging products. I decided to build a tool for those who grow up their media accounts. The tool will help people to spend less time and get fancy, attractive and worth the money content. So I've started from generation of images for Instagram based on well rated inspirational quotes. Here are the key facts: - The tool generates packs of Instagram-ready (1080x1080px size) pictures - It adds different good looking backgrounds to the images - You can specify a branding text and it will be added to the posts - The content is royalty free and can be used without limitations Yep, I wanted to see how it goes. Since the key functionality is now developed, I plan to release more features: - Ability to use your logo for branding - Twitter/Flickr/custom size images generation - Other quote topics (love, success, history, humour...) - Scheduled images generation (subscription) Your feedback will really help this tool to evolve. Use coupon code PH2019 during the checkout to get 20% discount. Thank you for your time!
cool, love things that help people make good content. 2 questions 1. How is it different from Canva? 2. How does this content help brands?
Thanks @nicholas_santalucia. Canva is different story, there you use your own text to place on the templates while in ContentVoodoo the texts are provided by our service. I like the way when people can customize the templates so this is why I have more customizations features in todo list for ContentVoodoo. Current content is manually refined inspirational quotes so this is interesting for accounts where such images are posted. Of course brands can place short branding text to the footer on images. And based on responses received we are working on the feature to allow people to upload their own content (in txt and csv files) to be added on the images quotes. This is again one more step to better customization yet ability to process multiple pictures in bulk.
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