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Hey all, Paul here with another WordPress theme. I wanted to make something that could showcase great content (photos and words) and be a little more robust than NADA. It's quite customizable too. I forgot how much I love building themes for folks who make things on the Internet. Give it a peek on mobile too—I spent a lot of time working on the responsive part of it. It's currently on sale in soft launch mode for ProductHunt :)
@pjrvs This is cool. Still love NADA but I just can't use Wordpress anymore. What do you think about expanding NADA into a self-hosted minimalist blogging platform (Like or
@felixoginni it's a great idea, but it's above my pay grade in terms of coding skills :)
@pjrvs Good luck with your theme Paul it looks really good!
@pjrvs How do you develop these themes so quickly? Are you starting with a framework?
@ghiliweld I've thought about that, but really, each theme serves a specific purpose with specific customizations—so there is some replicated code, but not a 100% similar codebase for each. I start each theme from scratch (i.e. a blank PHP file).
Hi @pjrvs The new theme is beautiful. Does it support custom landing pages?
@chikodi no it does not, but the default page design works well -
@pjrvs Awesome. Thank you! Can I ask you a couple other questions on Product People Club Slack?
@chikodi Sorry, I'm not on their Slack.
@pjrvs OK. I see you in there tho. It's the group created by @mijustin