Content marketing platform to streamline content management

Contentools is a content marketing platform focused on streamlining content marketing management in all of its main pillars: planing, creation, distribution and analysis.

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Amazing product by the most awesome team. Go Emília and Elton!
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If you want MOAR content - Contentools should definitely be on your radar. It's an all-in-one content marketing platform designed to help you centralize, streamline and automate your content creation process. You can sign up for a free trial here: And for the best part, here's a discount code exclusively for the Product Hunt community: PHCoupon. Use it when your trial ends to get 25% discount on the first 6 months.
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@writerpollock centralize and streamline, but automation of content creation is a stretch. My team still has to do all the creation.
@jeff_nolan @writerpollock you're right, Jeff! What we automate is the workflows and publishing to decrease by 75% the amount of repetitive tasks, so your team can focus on what matters the most: great content creation! :) btw, no one knows your customers better than your own team, right?
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Hello Contentools, I love what you are doing! Content marketing is obviously very important for a lot of companies. One of the most difficult aspects about content marketing is, well, actually writing the content. Companies would benefit greatly from being able to connect with amazing writers. So my two questions are: 1. Are you more about the software to help manage content (scheduling, notifications, etc.)? Or do you emphasize the actual writing of the content? 2. If the writing is the main selling point, how are you able to source the best writers more efficiently? in other words, why can't a company simply hire their own writers without a service?
@kyudlee Hi there. Thank you for your feedback. I believe the main goal of Contentools is to streamline processes, automate manual tasks and centralize content efforts into one place. For some companies, the biggest bottleneck is finding content professionals while for others the management process is their biggest pain. But a sustainable and result focused content marketing needs both. 1. We are all about making content marketing easy for growing companies. Content without a good process around has its limitations, the same works the other way around. 2. The process of finding, analyzing, testing, hiring and teaching someone can be very painful for some companies. Our community manager guarantees that you can easily find content professionals already qualified (inbound marketing certified), filter them by field of knowledge (skill sets), language and type of work (article, ebooks, translation, etc..) and invite them to be a part of your team.
Contentools is an amazing platform where my team can easily manage our content marketing workflow (from creation to publishing). I strongly recommend it.
I am a user of this product for the past three months the main key that Pedro has built into it is control over the workflow and communication their support staff is killer they want to help you grow your biz
@workstationw Thank you for the love! We <3 Space HQ right back, Bill. :)