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ContentIdeator is a tool for content research/insights, which covers all major content channels (like Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Email with more to come like Pinterest, LinkedIn Pulse and Medium etc.). Search by keyword, platform, domain or region and find content that resonates with your audience. Understand your own social impact and discover your competitor's content strategy. Identify quickly what's working well. Benchmark your own and others work against typical engagement rate and average shares per content type or domain. Be first to spot hot topics and trending new content for all relevant social channels. Filter by country and industry to discover what moves your audience and to stay relevant. Been using it for a couple of days. Good alternative product to Buzzsumo.
Thanks for hunting us, @kwdinc - we’re thrilled to get ContentIdeator in front of you product hunters! We’re just getting started (with lots of ideas and new features in the pipeline!) and would love your thoughts and feedback on the product! *you can play around with the free version here:
@heyitspravin - Looks like a great alternative to Buzzsumo. Do you see them as your competitor? If yes, you can post a feature comparison between content ideator and buzzsumo.. :) good luck...
@ramkumarhq - Thanks for your comment Ram. ContentIdeator is sort of a direct competitor to Buzzsumo, but we are not focussing on influencer marketing like Buzzsumo does. Our goal is to create the most comprehensive content research tool which covers all relevant channels and which makes it easy to create the right content for each platform at an affordable price point :) Just to give you an idea of our features: # we are going much broader in terms of platforms. Right now we have 7: Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Email (with more to come like Pinterest, LinkedIn Pulse etc.) # unlike Buzzsumo each platform can be searched separately (eg. by competitor name to find out what's working best and what they are up to like which email sequence Neil Patel uses) # our trending content is displayed individually for each channel and our trending sections covers Twitter and YouTube as well, which Buzzsumo doesn't offer
Great idea here 👍 Just a suggestion ☝️, I think you should add an option to choose other languages
@sab_severino great idea! added it to our to-do for January :)
website redirects to another domain. Is this project closed?
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