ContentFly 2.0

Hire a writer for your business for only $250/mo

ContentFly enables small businesses to outsource the most time-consuming part of content marketing which is finding and vetting freelance writers. For a flat monthly fee of $250, you can order up to 4000 words that will be delivered within 3-5 business days.
  • Pros: 

    Quality articles & quick turnaround, really enjoyed using the service so far!


    Nothing comes to mind

    Keep up the good work!

    Dunja Lazic has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    They deliver on what they promise.


    More communication when a brief is submitted.

    Maybe a note saying that the project is still on time at the halfway point?

    Drew Ostry has used this product for one month.
Hey folks! You guys showed us a lot of love last year when we first launched, so I'm excited to bring ContentFly v2! Few new features... - Ramped up assignment algorithm and nearly 300 active writers - Access to Ribbon (social media scheduling) and Genie (content planning) - Much faster turnaround times (~3 days per article) - Over 3 dozen industry/niches covered, and ability to request any form of copy (sales collateral, ebooks, blog articles, etc.) Very excited to roll it out - check it out!
Problem with this kind of writing service is the job is being outsourced to someone else who's producing not so good quality. You would be better off hiring a freelance writer on Upwork and deal with them one to one.
@ahmed_muztaba Hey Ahmed! Quite the opposite actually - it's really hard to find great freelancers on Upwork. It takes a ton of time to vet, and then even after vetting there's a good chance they aren't great - I know, because we go through this process a dozen times a week. That's why we built ContentFly - we do the vetting for you, so you don't have to do it yourself. Our testimonials and samples speak for themselves in terms of quality, I think!
We've been using ContentFly for a couple months now and the quality of the articles has been surprisingly good.
Can your team write technical blogs? We've tried services like this in the past and they produced what I consider "low value SEO spam" similar to the content on your sample page.
@imatincr Hey Boris - different people have different needs, so about 15% of our writers are classified as “technical” for the in depth work :-)
@imatincr Hi Boris. Do check out Springzo. We take up long-form writing assignments too (aka, skyscraper content), 2000+ words. Here's one we wrapped up a couple of days back (we re-wrote the whole piece... literally from scratch): (comprehensive 8000+ words. Also, do ignore a couple of phrases that might come across as grammatically wrong sentences. The client tweaked them for SEO purposes - for instance, "If you visit best places to visit in Kerala it would feel like the most “pampered kid” of the Creator himself! ) This post is back on Page 1 of Google search results for "places to visit in Kerala". As you can imagine, it's a highly competitive search term (ok.. let me repeat... a highly competitive) search term for OTAs here in India. Travel agencies / OTAs spend millions of dollars on ads to attract the audience keying in that search term) Our writers are from India (ESL writers), but we take pride in delivering "grammatically correct" and "high on SEO-friendliness" content.
very good platform for hiring content writer