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Hey everyone, We’re incredibly excited to get hunted! We’ve been working on ContentCal for the past three years, and this is our Product Hunt debut! Some brief background on us...we used to be a social media agency, and struggled to find tools to plan and publish content visually and intuitively. That's why we created ContentCal – a super-visual social media tool that lets you plan, create, collaborate, and publish content across all your social channels. For those who already know us, this is V2 of ContentCal. Our latest release contains tons of user-driven features, and we can't wait for you to try them out. Some highlights include... **Zapier integration** Supercharge ContentCal by connecting content sources like Pocket, Slack, or Google Sheets. Publish content to Airtable, Buffer, Pinterest, and more.  **Web Clipper** Fill up your Calendar whilst browsing the web. **Respond** Respond makes it easy for your support team to respond to social media conversations on Twitter and Facebook.  **Content Hub** A brand new home for all of your content. Keep past and future posts in one location, ready to re-use and add to the Calendar. And many more features are waiting inside... We'd love for you to give ContentCal a try and let us know what you think. We're also offering 20% off any plan for everyone who finds us via Product Hunt :)
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@alexpackham Loving the new updates & features Alex. Hope you've been well :)
@itsnajeeb Thanks man! Same to you!
Content Cal makes social planning easy. For an agency the savings you'll make via streamlined approvals and scheduling will make you more profitable
@james_dixon1 Thanks so much for the feedback James :)
@james_dixon1 Hey mate! Thanks so much for the kind words!
Having worked in the industry a while and seen many tools, this is most definitely the simplest and most useful out there!
@jon_cooper2 Thank you for your support Jon - it means a lot!
I love ContentCal. It’s so intuitive to use.
@alanah_light Thank you for all your support Alanah! Are you at the Digital Women or Janet Murray's event this week?
@andy_r_lambert Will be at Digital Women on Friday - see you there?👍
@alanah_light Hey Alanah, I'm at Janet Murray's event, but Hayley will be there flying the flag!
@andy_r_lambert Aah - have fun an Janet's event - I have FOMO but can't be in 2 places unfortunately! Will look out for Hayley!
@alanah_light yeah, it's typical they are both on the same day!
This is great! Thank u!
@kerri_rayt Thank you for your comments Kerri!