Content Tracker by Priceonomics

A content marketing dashboard with timely Slack notification

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Hi Product Hunt, I'm the founder of the Priceonomics and the first person that started writing our blog! Today we have over million monthly visitors on our blog, 5 full time writers, and all our sales are driven by making content. Content Tracker is the internal tool we use to measure the performance of our content marketing. It tracks inbound links, social shares, traffic, and goal conversions generated by the articles we write. We had a hunch others might like it, so we opened it up to a few friends at companies like Reddit, Thumbtack, and Segment a couple of months ago. Now, we're opening it up further. We wrote a little bit about why we released Content Tracker here if you're curious: My personal favorite part about Tracker is getting pinged in Slack when someone links to your site or an article takes off! Happy to answer any questions.
We've been using this at Segment for the past few months and have been LOVING it. 1. we get a cohesive look at how well our content is performing out in the wild 2. the back links lets us learn of new places where our audience is hanging out Plus the team at Priceonomics is tremendous at generating home run content. Makes total sense to use the same thing they're using to track your own content!!
I was a beta tester for Content Tracker and LOVED the slack integration. Made tracking the movement of upvoted content really seamless which was fantastic.
Been using this for a few months now. The Slack notifications are the bee's knees.
I've been using this for a few weeks. I get addicted to the notifications. Love it.