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7 steps and tools to create a content marketing strategy

Content Strategy Checklist is a free 7-step guide for anyone just starting their content marketing journey. From research to planning, and launching and measuring, this beginner’s guide will walk you through the steps in plain English with recommended tools along the way.

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What’s cooking Product Hunt?! We have much to be thankful for this season. The community here on Product Hunt has been invaluable as a feedback loop and we’re proud to have you as our extended family! We can’t be with you physically to gobble-gobble up Thanksgiving turkey. But in the spirit of giving, we’re dishing up another totally free and beautiful work-in-progress from our team: The Content Strategy Checklist (https://contentstrategychecklist...). It’s a high-level easy-to-use guide with lots of tried and true tips plus some of our favorite tools out there! From us to you. Eat your heart out Black Friday! This list must remain fresh and relevant so please do let us know if you have any favorite tools or tricks we should add! FYI: This checklist goes hand-in-hand with our core product and side gig launches here: StoryChief ( SEO Tool ( Content Writing Checklist ( See you in the comments! Thanks!
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Storychief makes it possible for our team at Salesflare to work together on content, prep it for publishing, then publish with one click. Everything gets pushed to our blog, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, ... right away, with all the right settings. Great tool to streamline your content process!


Easy to publish content to multiple channels at once, collaborate on it, track results, ... Loving it at Salesflare!


We've embedded it so much into our workflow that we have a few small things we'd like to have changed, but nothing really worth mentioning.

Thank you Jeroen!
Awesome launch, StoryChief team! The page is gorgeous and has some really great insights. Big kudos! 💛
Kudos to the team. Thank you for putting this together! Love the space theme 🚀, my favorite one-liner is definitely 'Equally as important as the launch is the landing.'
@brik_dm Absolutely! No crash and burns if possible 😉

This page has been bookmarked on my browser - so many new and exciting things I want to try out! Plus, it's beautifully designed. Major props to this amazing team!


Excellent resources, advice and tool suggestions