Content Strategy Template for 2020

From planning to tracking. A fully editable PPT template

A fully editable Content strategy template that will help you right from planning to tracking your weekly progress towards your goal. The Bonus Content matrix will help you prepare the list of Blog titles for the year! No SignUps. Just Download.
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For the new quarter, I wanted to create a solid content strategy that will cover every part of the content creation process. I dug through many online templates, but could not find something which is 'practical' enough to apply for me. With some help, I created or rather stumbled to my own template which covers right from Strategy to tracking team progress. In addition, I have also prepared a content matrix. This matrix will help you to create blog topics and will ensure every topic will appeal to your target segment. (Not sure if this is already in practice) PS - It is in an editable ppt format.
Awesome template. Recommend it to all the content marketers. :D
@prepawan Thank you and i really appreciate that you are recommending it to other content marketers!!! :D
"No Emails. Download Free" πŸ˜‚ mvp here take an upvote
@edisonjoao6871 Haha certainly. Been really annoyed in the past having to drop emails just to get some template. Yes, I have also promoted my product in the last slide. But if people want it they will check it out if they don't they don't. For sure I cannot convert them just by sending emails. So no point with collecting them πŸ˜…
Great job!
@samarth_bhalla Thank you Samarth. I hope you find it useful. Do let me know how you find the content matrix model was.
Great work. Is definitely useful.
@gayathri_manoj Hey! Glad to hear that.