Content Showcase

Beautiful announcement pop-ups that convert visitors.

🌟 Make your updates shine, on your pages:
πŸ“ Announce blog posts,
πŸͺ Create cookie consent popups,
🌟 Highlight product updates,
πŸ’Έ Share giveaways and coupons,
πŸ“† Display events,
🐱 Enjoy Product Hunt featuring,
πŸ‘₯ And more!
πŸ‘ No coding knowledge required
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Thanks @fmerian for hunting Content Showcase. We spent the last few months working on a simple but efficient manner to make beautiful announcement pop-ups for people with no coding knowledge (or at least who do not want)! As you may know, we are not the first in this domain and will not be the last. However, here are some elements that we think make Content Showcase unique: - Unlimited impressions. - No coding knowledge required, even for the installation, thanks to Cloudflare. - Support for images, videos and Click-To-Action (CTA) buttons. - Styles and behaviors customization options. - Integration with Google Analytics. - A fair pricing model.
Great alternative to some existing solutions! Love the GA integration, really helpful πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood Thanks for your support, Lachlan β™₯️
Great job!!😊 Could we have this for godaddy website builder or for WordPress. Our websites really need this! Could we have some option for us
@ayush_chandra Thanks! The solution works with almost all web pages, including Wordpress. The only requirement is to manage your DNS records with Cloudflare and have the orange cloud icon enabled for your pages. Upon signup, the onboarding provides guidance.