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Hi! My name is Arthur and I'm a product manager @Onalytica. We're an influencer marketing startup based in London. Next to uploading a document, you can now also add a link (please avoid shortened links) to find relevant influencers. More about the tool: - Our Pool of Influencers - * Primarily built from Page Rank analysis of Twitter conversations across keyword-defined slices of the firehose. (Mobile/Tech/Marketing/Pharma/Education and many more) * Influencers are therefore in the pool by virtue of their merit within a community, not just number of followers or Klout (although will often correlate). * Automation isn't always perfect (!) so our pool is constantly refined and sanitised by our team of researchers. - Matching your content to our Influencer Pool - * Every influencer has a Semantic Signature constructed using Part-of-Speech and Term Frequency analysis against the entire body of their tweets. * A similar signature is constructed for your uploaded content. * Cosine Similarity is used to match and score your Content Signature against each Influencer Signature. * Results are returned in order of match quality. Big thanks to @matrimc for coding this beauty and to the entire Onalytica team. We're extremely grateful for all the upvotes so far and happy to get feedback and requests for new features!
@arthurhilhorst wow.. that sounds really advanced! :) great job, guys! Would love to read a case study where someone would reach out to the list you've suggested and report success rate :)
So what's the algo behind this thing? :)
@timsoulo I have no idea. I just played with it for a bit. I liked what I saw.
Looks good, I'll try it
Great tool! I don't think it is completing the loop though. Getting a list is really good but what next? Maybe you could provide resources and features to point the users in the right direction.
@ahmedzain66 Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely something working on right now!
sounds interesting