Content Marketing Stack is a curated directory of content marketing resources & tutorials.

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Content Marketing Stack is an actionable collection of the best resources you need to craft and execute a successful Content Marketing. Seven years ago Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) said: “[Content Marketing] is all the marketing that’s left.” Today with Content Marketing, you can achieve 2,900%+ ROI. I tried my best to select the best only. So the point is not quantity, but quality. There are 2 types of resources: Theory and Tools. I highly suggest you to read the material before using the tools. The best content marketing gurus are featured, such as Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi) and Sujan Patel (@sujanpatel). Please feel free to suggest me any edits! Now I'm actively looking to integrate successful case studies for each category. Thanks to: Eric (@erictwillis) for the hunt Ben (@bentossell) for the inspiration Bram (@bramk) for starting the revival of directory! :)
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@bramk @conradd I'm collecting sources/content for a "stack" site. Would any feedback/advice on how you built it. (I'm still trying to find a WP theme that works and isn't the one @bramk used haha)
Here is another stack site to save you some time. This one is a curated directory of content marketing resources & tutorials.
@erictwillis did I start the revival of the directory ? 😂
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@bramk @erictwillis The New Yahoo!
@bramk @erictwillis haha Bram, I was going to comment that you've resurrected the directory! Great stuff.
@conradd @erictwillis Thanks Conrad! :)
Glad to see this released @nicolasegosum I remember when you were talking to me about doing this so it's great to finally see it! Another Stack/Stash site to join the family :)
This is beautiful! Thanks for including us :)
@torbahax Thank to you Andrew for creating such a useful tool! I use it for our display campaigns! :)