Content Launch

The content marketing platform for digital agencies & SMBs.

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Content Launch is the first complete content marketing platform built for digital agencies and small/medium sized businesses. (SMBs) The application enables you to plan, create, distribute and score any type of content. It also comes with a robust content ordering system, where you can get any type of content written for your company.

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Sid@sidsriramoju · Digital Marketing Ninja
I like the simplicity of the interface - what about analytics and automation, is that something in the works?
Jon Wuebben
Jon WuebbenMaker@jonwuebben · CEO, Content Launch
@sidsriramoju thanks Sid! Appreciate that. We worked hard on the UI. RE. analytics, yes, we are working on a new module, "Measure". this will be ready in December. We also have a content scoring algorithm we are rolling out in 3 weeks...its pretty slick. Re. automation, do you mean content distribution? you can do that now in the app. If you can be more specific on the automation question, I'd be happy to address it. thanks! -Jon
Sid@sidsriramoju · Digital Marketing Ninja
@jonwuebben Nice! The content scoring will be an up over other platforms, as someone who writes a fair share of content, a scoring mechanism would be a helpful! @automation, I was referring to distribution - thanks for clarifying. All the best! :)