The contact app for professionals and small businesses

A powerful contact book with notes, tags, custom fields, and extensions. It can help you remember your contact's preference, nurture the relationship with your clients/connections, find business opportunities, or simple save your from the tedious paper/spreadsheet work.

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Cao Zhanming
Founder of Contalist
Hi everyone, Contalist is built to help professionals to work efficiently with their contacts, clients, members, or whatever. You can add notes, tags to your contacts, create custom fields & forms to organize your contact's profile, even keep their orders, appointments. Contalist allows you to create custom fields in different types, e.g. checkboxes, links, images... You can easily capture different types of data. Forget your spreadsheets, you will be much more productive with Contalist. Also Contalist comes with a few extensions to help you reach out to contacts. For example, you can segment your contacts and send personalized group emails with mail merge. Build web forms to collect contact data. You can send contact specific link to your web forms, so once a form is submitted Contalist can link the submission to the right contact. Never need to process the data manually. If you find yourself frustrated dealing with contact's data. Give it a try. And please do let me hear your feedback. Thanks!
@caozhanming congratulations for this great product!