Why things catch on

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Jerry Becker
Jerry BeckerHunter@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
I loved this book when I read it last year. It does a great job breaking out the different factors that can make an idea spread. Knowing these factors gives marketers and startup founders things to consider when trying to communicate a message. Loved the content and I would recommend it to anyone that has an idea to share.
Daniel Li
Daniel Li@d4nyll · Fullstack JavaScript Developer
One of my favourite startup books. I did a series of short write-ups about what I learnt from the book, feel free to take a look!
Ryan Holiday
Ryan Holiday@ryanholiday · Author, Ego is the Enemy
Excellent book.
Jacopo Agostini
Jacopo Agostini @jacoago · Growth Hacker & PM
Hi Nonaps thanks. I'm checking for the next book to read and it's a good suggest!
David Bellaiche
David Bellaiche@david770 · Co-founder of Tack App
By far the best book I read in 2016. If someone know similar books please let me know!