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Here at Contactually we're trying to treat all of our clients (web, mobile, etc.) as first-class citizens. In that spirit, we've rebuilt our iOS app from the ground up (in RubyMotion, check it out!) and will continue to invest in both this app and soon revisit our Android experience. We're super excited to put this out and look forward to hearing what you think of this and future versions!
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@jonbendr What was the impetus to build with RM? I love RM, and have been saying for a couple years now that I should just bite the bullet and learn xcode if I want to do professional mobile dev, but I'm starting to wonder if rubymotion is catching on a bit more to the point where I may be able to use it in my next job.
@sammybauch We actually did a couple of blog posts on the subject (this one is probably most relevant:, but the big reason came down to the toolkit available (you can use both RM gems and Cocoapods), and that we're generally a Ruby shop and we want to make sure that everyone can work on any part of the app -- start to finish. If you're working on the iOS/Android apps and need a new endpoint in the API or notice some weirdness, we expect you to be able to hop into the backend and make the changes. Reducing language/toolkit changes as much as possible makes it easier for us to move faster and reduces the stress on any one part of the team (e.g. the one guy that knows Swift/Objective-C).
Managing relationships is hard. There's great tooling for that if your a BIG company (i.e. Salesforce, etc). It's a lot harder when you're a small company or just one person. Contactually fills this void perfectly, especially with the iPhone app,
@thorpus Thanks for getting us know about this amazing app!
Solid UI guys. Always been a big fan of Contactually as a CRM. This seems like the next step forward. Are there plans in the future to have a standalone app for getting new users? I'm guessing this app is for existing Contactually users.
@therealsajad thanks! Right now we're focused on serving our existing userbase, which signs up via the web, over user acquisition through mobile. But if you have ideas for the latter, I'd love to hear them!
SOoooo much faster & better than version2 :)
Looks great! Love to see DC Tech killing it :)