Contacts Only

Block all calls not in contacts 🤚

Don't let spam or robo calls interrupt you anymore. Avoid them with Contacts Only, a free call blocker app that only lets in calls from your contacts. The big green button lets you know the app is on and working, automatically blocking unknown numbers.
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out! How does this solve the purpose? Suppose you have a important call coming from a person who has a number stored in your phone but ends up calling on his other numbers due to network issues or anything then how's it shall tackle all those call which are important to you when your all non contact list calls up. Any identification tool to help in figuring it out who it is or no.
@ayush_chandra thank you for your comment! The app sends you a notification each time a call is blocked, making you aware of any and all calls you might have missed. On the other hand, if know you are expecting an important call, you can easily disable the app by clicking the big green button. A phone number lookup feature is in the works 😄
Yes please! Robo calls should be banned on penalty of death.
Oh god yes. Other than the people in my contacts, there is noone who would call me.
Hi there! Contacts Only was developed by a friend who—like many people—was tired and annoyed of constant spam calls. While many other call blocking apps require setting up block lists, he wanted a simple app that works automatically, and keeps a track record of all calls blocked. Thanks for checking it out!
iOS 13 already has this feature. It mutes all calls from callers not in contact list.