Contacts Board

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Bohdan Hernandez Navia
Founder @ Think Code Release
Hey Product Hunters! It's a great honor to be featured in Product Hunt. Thanks @_jacksmith for posting it! We built Contacts Board because we wanted to show contacts in a different way, in this case using a cards-based UI like Pinterest. This way users can see at a glance some important info from their contacts and manage them in a more efficient way, for instance, allowing multiple selection to quickly share, delete or favorite contacts. In future updates we'd like to add support for groups and maybe tagging? Please feel free to ask me anything. Also let me know if you've got some suggestions on how to improve the app. We really appreciate all feedback!
Marketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub
@_jacksmith what's your favorite part about Contact Board?
Jack Smith
Previously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
@katesegrin that it's trying something different in a space that doesn't get too much attention. As someone on twitter mentions, it seems similar in mission to a product called Humin: