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FullContact App and Contacts+ are now under one name and brand.
Keep all of your contacts in sync & up-to-date across all of your accounts. Never manually update contacts from your phone to your email address book ever again.
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3 Reviews3.3/5
I want to love this product, but because I have more contacts in my Google than the allowable 1000 on the free plan my experience is being prompted to upgrade and it not syncing. It also won't sync between more than one cloud account without upgrading. 10-15 dollars a month seems excessive as well. I think the value falls closer to apps like 1password (which is $3 a month)
This product never quite worked for me. It was close but not quite. I have 3 gmail accounts, 1 personal and 2 work to manage (with some overlap) and it either required more time and dedication than I was willing to invest, or lacked the functionality I needed to keep everything straight. I don't know which, but both are deal-breakers at the pricepoint. It may be fine for some users, but beware of customer service. After I deleted my account I have been charged twice and they refuse to issue a refund. Every other SaaS service I have dealt with has been highly customer aligned and take care of billing issues quickly and easily. It makes me wonder if times are tough over at contacts+.....