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Turn telephone numbers into full profiles

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Hey! I'm the Product Manager of Contactive's Identity Platform API. I'll be happy to answer any question!
@whoisjuan come join Mashape!
Hi. Brad from FullContact here. In the interest of full disclosure, Contactive API is a B2B customer of FullContact, using our APIs to populate social data. Contactive agreed to the terms of service for FullContact, which specifically prohibit the building of a competing service. We have reached out to Contactive to get the issue resolved.
@BradMcCarty We will check this issue.
@whoisjuan genuine question--do you have value to provide outside of FullContact's data? We'd love to use something like what you're doing, if there's still content after you've worked this out; are you actively developing other data streams?
@myunderpants Yes and Yes! Just to be clear. We don't use Full Contact data to resolve phone numbers. We are very focused on phone number resolution. Full Contact is focused on email addresses. I invite you to try the API and see for yourself.
@whoisjuan I'm signed up, just waiting for my invite =)