Convert followers into customers with micro-landing pages πŸ“ˆ

Create a micro landing page for your social media and Instagram. Add unlimitted amount of links and 8 different types of blocks as Links, Social Media Buttons, Whatsapp Messaging Buttons, Contact Form, Text, Video, Image Carousel. Select one of 7 free themes or create your own design. Change your page logo any time. Convert followers into customers

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Absolutely love ContactInBio. Fantastic Customer service. I tried a few websites who offer the same service for my business (totalleeds) but non have the flexibility of contactinbio. Allowing us to get creative. I've now upgraded from a monthly business plan to the life time plan. Props to Richard. Always replies to chat messages and emails.
@tom_stockdale thank you Tom, one of the best ContactInBio users:
Ideal for my Instagram page! Allows me to connect all my social media and webstore in one place! Easy to use interface with a high amount of features! Reasonably priced also.. would recommend to anyone!
@lufcfanzone Thank you very much! We love your page:

Glad I found this product for my Instagram account


Easy to use. Customizable when you purchase biz upgrade. Chat and email help is responsive


Hopefully will allow an option in the future to customize the 'contact" button

Thanks for hunting, what evidence is there that making the links available increases the number of visitors who become followers? @richardtodd
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@abadesi thanks for your comment, by creating a page on ContactInBio and then sharing personal link on social media as Instagram, you will increase a chance of your followers to navigate easier and contact you faster as ContactInBio page can contain: - Links - Social Media Buttons - Whatsapp Messaging Buttons - after a click Whatsapp will open automatically with generated chat - Contact Form - Text - Video - Image Carousel - can describe services/products with slider. In terms of design, you can: - Change logo anytime - Change background to gradient, color or image - Customizing links and buttons colors - or you can select one of 7 available themes Collecting leads from social media: - You can add contact form to your page - Collect leads,replies into your inbox at ContactInBio In terms of analytics: - Track link and social media buttons clicks - See your page visitors demographics - Install Facebook Pixel Check out featured pages we like the most: http://ashleywilliams.contactinb... http://heliamejocelyn.contactinb... http://aureliemoulin.contactinbi...
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Adding 8 different blocks of content as text, image, contact form, links etc. is very crucial part because it helps to keep follower and capture the lead. Especially contact form, through it I am able to gather contact details and messages of followers who are interested in products/services.


Has 8 blocks to add. Unique domain instead of link. Great UI. Easy to manage,



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