Contact Center

Launchpad for starting conversations on iOS

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So this is basically a reskinned Launch Center Pro with some features added around messaging contacts? I wonder if they found that Launch Center was too complicated for an average user, and so made this simplified version centered around contacts. It's also free w/ads vs. $4.99 for Launch Center Pro. Looks like good compliments for each other in terms of business model and audience.
@eric3000 Though we used a lot of code/UI from Launch Center Pro, it's really a new app. We completely overhauled the creation and editing of shortcuts to be easier and changed lots of little things to make it easier to use. Over time we hope to bring some of those features back to Launch Center Pro. Contact Center is definitely aimed at a broader, less nerdy audience.
@drbarnard Yes, I think what you did here was brilliant. While LCP has been a staple of my home screen for ages now, I think Contact Center could be the first app to be added to my (admittedly less tech-advanced) parents' home screens in ages. Nice blend of usefulness and simplicity.
We’re thrilled to launch Contact Center on the App Store today. Simple shortcuts make staying in touch quick and easy!
@drbarnard Curious to know if and how you'll be cross promoting Launch Center Pro within Contact Center. I can't seem to download it here in Canada (using iOS 8). Getting a "item you tried to buy is no longer available" error.
@robjama Since Contact Center is free and aimed at a broader market, and Launch Center Pro is still so much more daunting, we decided not to push Launch Center Pro too hard on Contact Center users. Though may change when we (hopefully) release Launch Center Pro 3.0 later this year or early next. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug in the Canadian App Store. Nothing we can do about it on our end except hope Apple fixes it soon.